Size guide

Not sure what size your finger is? No worries, we'll help you find the right size here in the size guide.


Size chart

Ring size chart

Method 1: Measure a ring you already have

1. Take a ring you already have that fits your finger well.

2. Place the ring on a ruler and measure its inner diameter. That is, from inner edge to inner edge.

3. Take the result and convert it to the nearest ring size using the chart above (see measurement for inner diameter). We recommend always rounding up a little.

Method 2: Measure without having a ring

This method works without you needing to have a ring that already fits you.

1: Gather the necessary materials. What you need is a string or a piece of paper and something to measure it with, a ruler for example.

2: Wrap the string around the finger you want the ring to sit on. Grab the string where it crosses itself and hold. Make sure it's not too tight, you'd rather have a ring that is a little looser than one that doesn't go on.

3: Unroll the string so it's straight and measure it with the ruler. The measurement you get is the circumference of your finger. Then use the size chart to convert your finger circumference to the closest of our sizes (see measurement for inner circumference)We recommend always rounding up a little.


Snöre runt finger