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The team

Solus is a former JA company from the Lundellska school in Uppsala, Sweden. Our business concept is to "offer a craft of trendy, eco-friendly and unique rings handcrafted from 100 % recycled plastic.". Now the company is run by three of the former members with the goal of taking Solus to the next level.




During the JA-year, we took home five prizes at the Uppsala county award ceremony on March 16 (2022), three of which were first places in the categories "JA Company of the Year, "Product of the Year" and Craftsman of the Year". This later also resulted in three SM silvers in the previously mentioned categories at EPR2022 in Gothenburg.

The name Solus

The name Solus comes from Latin and means "the only one". This refers to the fact that each ring we make has a unique pattern that is only found on that particular ring.


Company Information:

Organization number: 559387-5494
Company name: Solus Accessories AB
Market name: Solus
Location: Myssinge Dammen 95, 747 93, ALUNDA, Sweden
Contact email: kontakt@solus.nu
Contact phone: +46 76 004 15 15